Shito Ryu Karate Do Genbu Kai - New Jersey



Chief Instructor Genbu-Kai at Hillsborough Family Martial Arts


About Jeffrey

Philosophy: “If you wish to control others you must first control yourself “ Miyamoto Musashi

Credentials: B.A. from Rutgers University, forty years in the construction industry in all aspects of utility construction. Vice president of Schilke Construction Co., Inc.

Specialties: Martial Arts student of Shihan Fumio Demura’s Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai Karate-Do International Organization for the past seventeen years. Previously Assistant Instructor at the HRC Dojo, recently appointed as Chief Instructor by Fumio Demura. Currently an AAU Karate Referee. Jeff is an avid motorcyclist and outdoorsman.

Objective: Our objective is to develop body, mind and spirit in students of all ages in an effort to provide the community with individuals of character. By integrating modern teaching methods, experienced instructors and traditional martial arts philosophy in we intend to provide quality instruction. We will provide an energetic, controlled and enjoyable experience that will enable all to achieve the results they desire. If it’s not fun we’re doing something wrong!

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