Personal Trainer And TRX Specialist

About Anthony

I believe motivation is what gets you started and good fitness habits will continue to keep you training at any age.

My philosophy is, “hard work and dedication.”

As a diabetic, I too have had to overcome life’s challenges and decided to take control over my diabetes to strengthen my inner athleticism. The result of this journey over the years has ensured that I am committed.

I have dedicated my efforts to working closely with my clients, who include beginners as well as athletes with specific advanced training needs in achieving good personal health, and to embrace the power of fitness.

Years of experience: 15+

AAAI) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
(AAAI) Certified Aerobics Instructor
Certified TRX/Rip Instructor
Amateur Bodybuilder

Phyxit Fitness TRX-Rip Group Training:
Monday: 6am-10pm
Tuesday: 6am-10pm
Wednesday: 6am-10pm
Thursday: 6am-10pm
Friday: 6am-9pm
Saturday: 7am-5pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm

Personal Training Hours:
Contact Member Services to book personal training sessions with Anthony.