Racquetball is easy to learn. You can play it without a partner and you don’t need to purchase a lot of expensive equipment, either! A good game of racquetball puts all your muscle groups to work, building strength and endurance. It improves gross motor movement, eye-hand coordination, and flexibility. As you become a more seasoned player you’ll see it requires a mix of mind and muscle, making it a true lifetime sport.

With Pinnacle membership, you’ll get:

  • Open Court Time

  • Morning and Evening League Play

  • Round Robins

  • Friday Night Pickup Singles Leagues

  • Adult and Junior Instructional Programs

Members can reserve up to one hour of court time by calling Member Services at 908-359-3600 or by using our mobile app. Court availability is limited during league play.

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Summer League

Registration for our Summer League opens April 15th and begins May 13th!


Junior Racquetball Instruction

6 Week sessions for kids Ages 7+

Learn to play racquetball (or sharpen your skills) in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Participants will develop eye / hand coordination, gross motor movements and increase their flexibility while having fun and burning energy. Rackets and balls will be provided by us. Players are required to supply and wear their own eye guards. Participants should wear sneakers and comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle to class. Children must be at least 7 years old to participate.


A competitive sport, a balanced workout

Handball is an ancient game that predates racquetball and is played on the same court with the same rules. Players strike or “stroke” the ball with gloved hands rather than a racquet. Since players must travel farther to reach the ball, handball provides a superior aerobic workout. There is no “backhand” as in racquetball. Players must strike the ball on their “off” side with their “off” hand, thus exercising the muscle groups on both sides of the body. Over time, handball players develop dexterity in both hands.