If you’re new to a gym environment, Small Group Training is an excellent way to get started in the gym. If you are already experienced in the gym, Small Group Training provides 30-minute circuit training sessions to add to your fitness regime, with trainers and coaches who are dedicated to guiding you towards results.

You can purchase Small Group Training sessions online or by calling our Member Services.

Pinnacle members can try one free session of Small Group Training – Inquire at Member Services if you haven’t used yours.


Why is Small Group Training the right solution?

Small Group Training draws on elements of one-on-one personal training as well as group exercise – like Zumba or cycling – and delivers all the benefits of both. It was specifically developed for people who want individualized instruction combined with the motivation of working out in a group. While you and your group mates might all have different end-goals – whether it’s weight loss, toning or strength building – the small group setting lets you enjoy camaraderie while collectively working toward a healthier lifestyle. 30 minute sessions for 8 weeks is all it takes!