We offer a fully equipped studio for TRX Suspension Training and provide students with the opportunity to train with Trainer, Anthony Kortekaas – highly acclaimed amateur bodybuilder and Certified TRX/RIP Instructor.

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TRX Suspension Training

The concept of the TRX suspension training works all muscle groups. Sure, it looks harmless (how hard can a workout from 2 nylon straps really be?) But, believe it or not, this basic tool takes body weight resistance to a whole new level. And, although it was developed for the Navy SEAL, you don’t have to be in secret-weapon shape to work out with TRX. It’s really easy to tweak exercises to your own level of difficulty and ramp up when necessary. It’s all user defined, you determine how hard or how easy you really want to go.


  • Delivers a fast, effective total-body workout

  • Helps build a rock-solid core

  • Increases muscular endurance

  • Benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors)

  • By utilizing your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides greater performance and functionality than large exercise machines costing thousands of dollars.

TRX Rip Training

Rip Training utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination challenges. TRX has developed a wide assortment of unique, leverage-variable resistance exercise movements. The Rip Trainer allows users to engage in unlimited movements which, when performed properly, enhance fluidity and range of motion and decrease the risk of injury. Whether used for high speed striking movements or slow speed strength and stability exercises, the Rip Trainer is the perfect training tool for elite level athletes, fitness enthusiasts and even people wanting to exercise for the first time.

Train with the best

  • Pinnacle is the area’s best TRX workout studio in Central NJ.

  • Working out with Phyxit Fitness means you experience authentic classes and programming.

  • Workouts are never the same so you never plateau and you’re always challenged.

  • Small groups means more one-on-one attention from trainer.