There are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS given once enrolled in group lessons. If you are unsure of what level your student is please schedule a free 5 min evaluation. We will only issue a refund if accompanied by a doctors’ note. You will have 1 week to get the doctors note to us to be issued the refund.

Makeup classes will be scheduled by the Aquatics Director. There will only be 1 makeup per session, and no makeup days roll over from previous sessions. Makeup days will not necessarily be on the same day/time as the scheduled lesson.

Participants are only entitled to use the pool during their class time unless they are river rats/club members/paid guests. Wristbands are required. Children in the pool without an instructor must have a wristband or they will be asked to leave the pool.

If there is 1 participant in the lesson, it becomes a private lesson for 5 weeks – 30 minutes. If there are 2 participants it becomes a semi-private lesson for 5 weeks – 45-minute lessons. If PSB/PSA it will be 5 – 30-minute lessons. If you miss one week during the 5, you will have to sign up for a makeup class.

Parents must stay on the pool deck during lessons. Changing on the deck is strictly prohibited.

During PSB/PSA parents cannot crowd around the stairs. Parents are asked to sit at tables and chairs provided on the pool deck.

No flotation devices will be worn during lessons unless authorized by the instructor.

Photography of children other then your own is prohibited. Video is strictly prohibited.

No glass, food, or drinks (other then water) is permitted on the pool deck.

Downstairs club access is only for people with physical disabilities or families with strollers. Please leave strollers to the left of the pool door entrance.

Emergency exit doors and windows on pool deck will remain closed at all times. Please enter and exit through the main entrance of our facility.